An MP called for "common sense" after a constituent was fined over a hospital parking ticket he provided a receipt for.

Rajendra Ramkissoon visited North Middlesex Hospital in Edmonton on June 30 to visit a friend who had just had an emergency operation. He paid for a parking ticket, but entered his vehicle details incorrectly at the payment machine.

Mr Ramkissoon received a letter from UK Car Park Management stating that he had been fined £60 for not paying to park.

When he called them, UK Car Park Management advised him to settle the matter through their online appeals process, but despite logging the appeal online, he received a raised fine of £100 for late payment.

Mr Ramkisoon sent his payment receipt showing that he did in fact pay for his hospital parking, but on August 8 he received an email from UK Car Park Management saying that his appeal was unsuccessful.

The company said the receipt could have been for another vehicle and was not sufficient proof.

Mr Ramkissoon’s son, Kevin, wrote to Chingford & Woodford Green MP Iain Duncan Smith, calling the situation "ridiculous". He said: "Why would my father pick up a random receipt and show that a proof of payment? And how could it not be proof?

“Inputting the incorrect registration number into the payment machine at the hospital is an honest mistake. It can happen to anybody. Especially at the hospital, where other things can be playing on one’s mind. He has proof that he has indeed paid, why is that not sufficient enough for UK Car Park Management?”

Mr Duncan Smith said: “Mr Ramkissoon contacted me after his father was issued with a fixed penalty notice after visiting an ill friend in hospital. I have written to the Chief Executive of UK Car Park Management Ltd, asking if they would consider a review of this case and their decision to issue Mr Ramkissoon with a fine.

“Having paid the parking fee in the first place and supplied the receipt, it is rather absurd that someone can be issued with a £60 penalty notice.

“ Common sense should prevail when an honest mistake has been made, especially in a case such as Mr Ramkissoon’s, and many others who are visiting loved ones in hospital and are likely to be worried and somewhat distracted.”

In response to the situation, a spokesperson from North Middlesex University Hospital said: “UK Car Park Management, the company that manage our car parks, reviewed the case and maintain that there was not a ticket purchased for the car in question, and therefore the appeal was rejected.”