Firefighters are urging people not to drop cigarettes on dry grass following a large blaze in Enfield over the weekend.

Fire crews had been called to a hectare of wheat field stubble alight on Saturday (24 August) in Stagg Hill. One man was taken to hospital after suffering heat exhaustion and minor burns to his hands.

Six fire engines and around 40 firefighters attended the fire at 2.47pm, which was under control by 4.10pm.

Although the cause of the fire is unconfirmed, London Fire Brigade said that cigarettes dropped on dry grass that have not been properly extinguished are a likely cause of grass fires.

It has urged people to not drop cigarettes or anything that is burning on dry ground or drop cigarettes out of car windows, since they may land on dry grass by the roadside.

The fire service also said that disposable barbeques are a likely cause of grass fires due to wind carrying smouldering ash to dry grass.

It also said glass bottles left on or near dry grass can magnify the sun and start a fire.