Seven candidates are running for a seat on Enfield Council in the upcoming by-election in Southbury.

The election was called following the death of long-serving Labour ward councillor Chris Bond in July last year.

Local elections were postponed following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic but have been allowed to go ahead from May.

The Southbury by-election will take place on Thursday, May 6, alongside the mayoral and London Assembly elections.

The candidates standing for election in Southbury are:

  • Luke Ashley Balnave – Green Party
  • Luke Anthony Cummings – Liberal Democrat
  • John Dolan – Trade Union and Socialist Coalition
  • Patrick Hewytt Drysdale – Conservative Party
  • Ayten Guzel – Labour Party
  • Jheni Morrison – Taking The Initiative Party of Britain
  • Hughie Rose – We Matter Party

Labour won a comfortable majority in Southbury at the last local elections in 2018, with the top Conservative candidate more than 1,000 votes short of winning a seat.

Enfield Council is currently made up of 38 Labour members, 16 Conservatives, five Community First councillors and one independent member, with three vacant posts.

By-elections will also be held in Jubilee and Chase wards on May 6.