A single mum-of-two says she is "thankful" after a work programme helped secured her a new job following six years out of work.

Anna Yeboah, from Enfield, joined the Local London Work and Health Programme last June - a programme tailored towards offering job and health opportunities to the long-term unemployed.

Ms Yeboah has had a history of depression and experienced psychological difficulties as well as physical problems.

The 46-year-old said: "After having knee replacement surgery I suffered several complications which slowed my recovery. My confidence had hit rock bottom and I felt overwhelmed by my problems.

"I’m someone that has been used to being successful at work and always having employment, I never imagined I would be unemployed and having to receive help."

With support from her advisor, Alex Jones, her advisor, Ms Yeboah updated her CV, attended remote interview technique development sessions and began applying for vacancies.

She was able to find a job as a care practitioner through the work programme, delivered by health care company Maximus, and began in December. She has since been able to go on and increase her hours.

Ms Yeboah said: "Maximus never once made me feel pressured into working. They were supportive and available at short notice - even during weekends and evenings if I was having a wobble.

"I’m now working again, and I can’t thank them enough for their help."