A licence for a gambling venue has been approved by councillors despite health chiefs’ fears over its impact on children.

Haringey Council’s licensing subcommittee granted a premises licence for an adult gaming centre at 513 Green Lanes, Harringay.

Officials from the council’s public health team had strongly opposed the application, warning the venue would be close to three schools, a nursery, a children’s centre, and four existing gambling venues.

Despite receiving reassurances from applicant Luxury Leisure during a meeting of the licensing subcommittee on Wednesday, 28th July, health chiefs continued to object.

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But the committee found the concerns raised by opponents did not provide enough evidence to demonstrate the application would be inconsistent with the three licensing objectives, which include the protection of children and other vulnerable people from being harmed.

In a decision notice published on the council’s website, the committee noted that the applicant had agreed to several conditions on the licence and restricted the opening hours to 9am-11pm. The conditions include a ‘Challenge 25’ proof of age scheme, which requires those believed to be under 25 to show ID.

The decision notice states: “The committee was required to aim to permit the use of the premises for gambling as long as it was in accordance with the relevant Gambling Commission codes of practice, any relevant guidance issued by the Gambling Commission, reasonably consistent with the licensing objectives, and in accordance with the Haringey Statement of Gambling Policy. 

“With the inclusion of appropriate conditions, the committee considered that these requirements had been satisfied and that the application should therefore be granted.”

The committee’s decision is open to appeal and will only take effect at the end of the appeal period or after an appeal is dispensed with.