London is preparing to welcome one of the biggest musicians in the world, as Lady Gaga heads to the stage at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium this weekend. 

With the concert just around the corner, ticket holders should be aware of what they can't bring into the venue and the bag policy. 

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To get full advice and detailed information on all prohibited items and the bag policy head to the website now. 

Lady Gaga at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium Bag Policy: 

The stadium has a restricted bag policy, and any bags that do not adhere to the policy will not be permitted into the stadium. 

All bags will be checked before entering the stadium. 

Bags must be smaller than A4 in size (21cm long x 30cm high).

You can also bring a club-branded PVC bag for Life or a reusable drawstring bag for £1 from the Tottenham store.

See all the information on the venue's bag policy on the website now. 

Lady Gaga at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium Prohibited Items:

To make sure security, safety and comfort is at the forefront of everyone, Spurs has shared what items are prohibited from the site.

From glass, banners, and chairs there are several items you need to be aware are prohibited as they could be confiscated or potentially refused entry with no refund available.

  • Bags which do not adhere to the specified Bag Policy (medical exemptions apply)
  • Bottles of any kind, glass vessels, cans, flasks
  • Food (Discretion may be shown for children’s snacks)
  • Liquids of any kind (including water and alcohol. The stadium has multiple water fountains throughout)
  • Umbrellas greater than 1m in size
  • Laptop Sleeves larger than 37cm x 31cm in size and any laptop bags
  • Flares, smoke canisters, air horns, laser devices
  • Unlicensed musical instruments and other devices capable of causing a disturbance or nuisance
  • Darts, frisbees
  • Dangerous or hazardous items
  • Illegal substances
  • Fireworks, flares, explosives or ammunition
  • Knives, blades, firearms and weapons of any kind
  • Scooters, skateboards and other skates
  • Flags, Signs or banners that do not meet our 
  • Flagpoles greater than 1m in length (This will vary for Non-footballing events - please refer to the event specific guidance)
  • Spray paint, large industrial style ‘permanent’ marker pens
  • Transmitting devices
  • Professional cameras (including cameras with interchangeable lenses) and recording devices
  • Unauthorised fliers, illegal merchandise items, illegal charity collection utensils
  • Motorbike helmets
  • Animals (except service dogs and assistance dogs)
  • Prams and pushchairs (this may be assessed for each event

To get more information head to the website now.