A video captured the moment a young group started fighting inside a London McDonald's branch

The footage showed the brawl breaking out near the self-service machines on Saturday evening (January 21).

The video showed the group pushing and shoving each other across the main floor of the restaurant based in Wood Green, north London. 

During the clip, customers can be heard screaming at the group to "stop" as the fight continues. 

Although it is not known why the confrontation began, it ended with one group member being pushed into a machine. 

The incident came just a day after a terrifying incident in a Hackney McDonald's branch after a knife was pulled out. 

A group were pushing and shoving each other before one member pulled out a weapon whilst another held a large knife. 

Customers were shocked at the incident, in which members of staff stood between the pair in an attempt to calm down the situation. 

Following the incident on Saturday evening, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that they had spoken to the man who reported an assault in connection to the events. 

As a spokesperson for the Met told The Mirror: "Police were called at 6.35pm on Saturday, January 21 to reports of a disturbance at a restaurant in High Road, N22.

"Officers attended and spoke to a man, aged in his 20s, who reported that he had been assaulted by a group of three suspects who had since left the location.

"He did not require hospital treatment."

The Met added that an investigation has been launched with inquiries ongoing.