The Labour Party has held onto one of its seats on Haringey Council, despite its share of the vote falling by almost 10 per cent.

Cllr Sean O’Donovan, a Haringey resident of over 30 years, won a 58.7% share of the vote in the Tottenham Hale by-election on Thursday, March 9.

He will replace former Labour councillor Yannis Gourtsoyannis, who stepped down in February for ‘personal reasons’.

Despite Thursday’s victory, Labour suffered a vote loss of -9.4%, having won a 68.1% share in the May 2022 local elections.

The Liberal Democrats made the largest gain with 14.6% of the vote, a +6.6% swing from last year.

Independent candidate Miraf Negusse Ghebreawariat and the Christian People’s Alliance also made gains, while the Conservatives and Greens suffered losses.

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Haringey Council Deputy Leader Mike Hakata said on Twitter: “Let’s be clear, this was a landslide. 818 votes to the Conservative's anti-LTN anti-safe anti-green streets 81 votes.”

The full results are as follows:

  • LABOUR: 818 (58.7%, -9.4)
  • LIB DEM: 203 (14.6%, +6.6)
  • GREEN: 192 (13.8%, -1.8)
  • CON: 81 (5.8%, -2.5)
  • IND: 64 (4.6%, +4.6)
  • CPA: 35 (2.5%, +2.5)

Turnout: 1,400

Ballots rejected: 7