The future of a shop that was caught trading erectile disfunction pills, “non-compliant e-cigarettes" and nitrous oxide cannisters is still up in the air.

Tops Newsagents (Maxxi Food & Wine) in Topsfield Parade, Crouch End, was set to have its licence reviewed by Haringey Council last week Tuesday (April 4).

However Haringey Council has since postponed the review.

Photographs taken during two visits by trading standards officers in January include the discovery of erectile dysfunction tablets and gel discretely on display on a shelf, as well as a stock of tablets that were found behind the counter.

Tottenham Independent:

Other items found included cannisters of nitrous oxide - often known as laughing gas - electronic cigarettes with incorrect health warnings and the recreational drug poppers.

In an application for the licensing review, Haringey Trading Standards wrote that all vapes seized had tank sizes in excess of 2ml and provided as many as 3,500 puffs each, far more than the legal safe size of 600 to 650 puffs.

Some of the vapes had incorrect health warnings, did not have UK addresses and they were also not approved by the Medicines Healthcare Regulation Authority (MHRA), which is a legal requirement.

The owner of the business had stated she removed the erectile dysfunction tablets from sale after the first visit, but they were still on display in the second visit.

Images seen by the Ham&High show that some products have been promoted through a TikTok page, although most of the videos have since been removed.

On one video showcasing a nitrous oxide cannister, a user commented “I’ll take 20”.

Tottenham Independent: A screengrab showing the TikTok accountA screengrab showing the TikTok account (Image: Screengrab)

Trading standards officers said there was a “reckless attitude” towards the licensing rules and recommended the removal of the shop’s supervisor.

The board also recommended that the licence is suspended for three months, proposing that once reopened it adopts a “Challenge 25” policy and installs CCTV along with other conditions.

A Maxi Food & Wine branch in Southgate had its licence suspended for three months in January after similar products of erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, illegal cigarettes, nitrous oxide and other items were found on sale.

A Haringey Council spokesperson said: “The review application relating to Maxxi Food & Wine was adjourned prior to the hearing getting underway as new evidence came to light at short notice.

"A request from the legal representative for the business was made asking for time to consider the late documents and be in a position to discuss with his clients.

"The licensing sub committee accepted this and felt it was in the public interest to do so to ensure there was a fair hearing.

“All parties have been notified of a rescheduled hearing date for April 25 at 7pm via remote hearing arrangements.”