A car that crashed into two parked vehicles in a late-night police chase was driving at around 90mph.

Officers had tried to pull over a white Audi TT reported to be on false plates in the Green Lanes area of Palmers Green at around 1.40am on Monday  (November 13).

But the car did not stop and a pursuit began.

At around 1.50am the Audi crashed into parked vehicles in Crescent Road, Wood Green.

The occupants fled the scene, Scotland Yard said.

People on social media site X claim police said the car had reached 90mph and have called on Haringey Council to "get a grip", complaining of cars racing through the streets for years.

@CrescentRdChaos posted pictures of the cars involved.

Photos shared online appear to show a damaged white Audi TT that has stopped across the street and at least three cars at the side of the road that have been hit.

In the tweet, @CrescentRdChaos suggested the council was reducing the height of speed tables, enabling cars to go faster.

They said: "Police told residents that this car was doing 90mph.

"It simply should not be possible do achieve these speeds on a narrow residential road.

"But Highways are actively reducing the height of speed tables across the ward."

Another X user, @adriangilson5, appeared to call for bollards or low traffic neighbourhoods to stop through traffic.

He said: "This new road race incident shows the urgent need for filtered roads.

"They reduce street crime and costs to the taxpayers."

A Haringey Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the incident on Crescent Road, Wood Green. We are planning to undertake a traffic and speed measurement programme in this area, which will get underway once Thames Water works in the area have been completed, and will inform any further action needed to address traffic management issues.

“All road humps in Haringey conform with legal regulations concerning their height. New humps within the borough are generally built at 75mm in height with a sinusoidal (S-shaped) profile as they are more cycle friendly. Contrary to the claim, the Council is not reducing the height of speed tables across the borough.”

There have been no reports of any injuries and no arrests so far.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or ‘X’ @MetCC and quote CAD406/13Nov.