A major junction “badly needs” pedestrian crossings, with data showing 29 collisions have happened there over the past ten years. 

Campaign group Better Streets for Enfield has called on Enfield Council to implement pedestrian crossings at the junction of Green Lanes, Hedge Lane and Bourne Hill, in Palmers Green, while also acknowledging Transport for London (TfL) had to approve the changes. 

The junction, where several bus routes cross, currently has no signalised pedestrian crossings at all, leaving pedestrians to take their chances walking across traffic.

A representative from Better Streets said: “This particular junction badly needs pedestrian crossings to make it safe for everyone to use.

“It is next to a school, nursery and churches; young, old and disabled need to be able to cross without fear of having cars turn across them after the traffic lights have gone red.

“Ideally pedestrians should be able to cross from corner to corner safely. Not only will this make the junction safer, but also more popular and mean fewer journeys are taken in cars.”

Of the collisions that have taken place at the junction over the last ten years, six out of the total 29 were said to be “serious”. 

Four out of the total 43 people hurt in the collisions were pedestrians, while 19 were car drivers, ten passengers and one a cyclist. 

No deaths have been recorded.

A council spokesperson said: “The council is currently leading a project to review the pedestrian provision at the Green Lanes and Hedge Lane junction in Palmers Green, and would like to see pedestrian improvements at this location.

“The council works collaboratively with Transport for London and provisional designs are currently being discussed. As TfL own and operate traffic signal infrastructure across London, their approval on any final designs will be necessary to help determine the next steps.”