A former gangster who survived being shot four times as a teenager has turned his life around to hold his first crime awareness football tournament.

Pastor Onyeka Power, who leads the New Generation Revival Ministries, is "pushing to make the world a better place" with a match on June 22 at Power League in Enfield .

Aged 16, having been a gang member for two years, he was shot at four times while standing at a bus stop with his friend.

He said: "It was a rival gang we were fighting. They got closer and got a gun out and shot me four times and by God's grace, not one hit me".

Pastor Onyeka said he was organising the football tournament for men in his parish to play sport and tackle gun and knife crime.

"I want to create a safe space where young men can be involved in sport and create strong bonds instead of fighting and killing each other," he added.

"I hope that this tournament brings permanent transformation to the young men who are going to be involved.

"We will see a change and for that I am excited."