A LEADING politican has condemned Baby P's "stepfather" after being found guilty of raping a two-year-old girl.

Children, schools and families secretary MP Ed Balls said: "People around the country will be horrified to learn that an adult living in the household of baby Peter has also committed another vile and disgusting crime against a small and vulnerable child.

"This conviction means sentencing can now begin and justice can be done for this crime and the terrible death of baby Peter.

"I know that Graham Badman, the independent chair of the local safeguarding children board in Haringey wants to publish the new serious case review executive summary into the death of baby Peter as soon as he can.

"I am confident he and Peter Lewis, the director of children's services I appointed in December, are putting in place the necessary reforms in Haringey to make sure the same mistakes do not happen again.

"I will not rest until we have implemented the recommendations from Lord Laming, swiftly and thoroughly so that we can have the best child protection arrangements possible.

"But nothing that I or any of us can do can ever take away the suffering and evil of these terrible crimes."

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