THE boyfriend of Baby P's mother is to appeal against his life sentence.

The 32-year-old man was found guilty of causing and allowing the death of a child and also raping a
three-year-old girl.

Judge Kramer, who heard both cases, sentenced him to life imprisonment with a minimum of ten years for the rape conviction and 12 years for his role in Peter's death.

Lawyers representing the Tottenham man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have now lodged papers appealing against both convictions and both sentences with the Court of Appeal.

His former partner, Baby P's mother, 27, was given an indefinite sentence with a minimum term of five years after pleading guilty to causing or allowing her son's death.

She will only be considered for release when the paraole board no longer feels she poses a threat to the public.

Their lodger, Jason Owen, of Bromley, received an indefinite sentence with a minimum term of three years at the Old Bailey last month.

The Attorney General Baroness Scotland had been considering referring the jail terms to the Court of Appeal on the grounds they were "unduly lenient" .

But she later concluded it was unlikely their sentences would be increased and the appeal was dropped.

Peter died on August 3, 2007, aged 17 months after being subjected to months of abuse and suffered a broken back and eight fractured ribs.