THE Mayor of London has promised to investigate the possible closure of youth centres across Haringey.

Boris Johnson was challenged on the controversial plans last night by members of the Save Haringey Youth Centres campaign group and he pledged an immediate response.

He said at a Question Time event in Enfield: "There's a strong message of support for the youth clubs in Haringey.

"We want to investigate what's going on there."

The mayor and his senior advisor on youth opportunities Pamela Chesters heard strong calls from the delegation for action to stop the closure of more youth clubs in the borough.

The campaigners say four have already shut down and others are under threat, as Haringey Council reviews its whole youth services budget.

One casualty already announced is Exposure Magazine, an award-winning publication for young people which is losing the council funding it relies upon.

The council has said cuts by central government have forced a review of all spending, including on youth services, and the full impact of the cuts is not yet known.

Before yesterday's event, which was focusing on youth opportunities, Mr Johnson urged local authorities to think carefully before axing leisure services, particularly those for young people.

He said: “I think it would be a great shame if councils have to cut things that are delivering long-term benefits particularly for young people.

"I would urge local authorities to keep open these things which represent an investment in young people, because we need them to have a stable and productive upbringing."

He added the mayoralty has some funds available for councils to apply for and urged them to consider that option before axing services.