A HARRINGAY road has been labeled one of the worst for anti-social behaviour in London on a new police website.

A crime-mapping website – www.police.uk – launched yesterday, allowing people across the UK to see what crime levels are like in their local community.

But residents of Rowley Road who logged on were met with a shock - an incredible 77 incidents of anti-social behaviour and one violent crime in their road in December last year, according to the website.

The Home Office-backed initiative, which cost a reported £300,000 to develop, was beset with problems on its launch day, as millions logged on and crashed the system.

And figures for some areas, including Rowley Road, have come into question as the website lumps together small roads into one to avoid pinpointing where victims of crime live.

The initiative, using technology first available in London in September 2008, has given rise to criticism that house prices will fall as a result of areas being seen as having high crime levels.