POLICE are deploying extra high visibility patrols across London tonight amid fears of a second night of rioting.

Additional officers are on duty in Tottenham and cordons remain in place around Tottenham High Road.

Further rioting has already spread to Enfield Town, with some 200 people clashing with riot police. A police car has been trashed and shop windows smashed.

Commander Christine Jones said: “We do have extra resources out tonight on duty across the capital.

"We are carefully monitoring any intelligence and ensuring we have our resources in the right places. No one wants to see a repeat of the scenes that we witnessed last night in Tottenham.

“Our investigation team is continuing its work and those people responsible for the violence, disorder and crime we saw last night will be identified. Anyone else who thinks they can use the events from last night as an excuse to commit crime will be met by a robust response from us.

“If you know anything about those who broke the law please let us know.”