THE investigation into the death of a Tottenham man who was fatally shot by police has had another setback after two members of a panel set up to oversee it resigned.

Stafford Scott, organiser of the Tottenham Defence Campaign, and John Noblemunn, chairman of Haringey Black Independent Advisory Group, stepped down from a community panel monitoring the investigation into the death of Mark Duggan, who was killed by police in Ferry Lane on August 4.

A peaceful protest outside Tottenham Police Station led by Mr Duggan's family two days later ended in riots that led to shops being burned down and police being attacked, before spreading to other parts of England.

Mr Scott claimed over the weekend that the taxi that the father-of-four was travelling in before he was shot was removed from the scene before investigators from the Independent Police Complaints Commission arrived, before being returned.

In a statement, the IPCC said it was reviewing whether to continue with the group, with now only Reverend Nimms Obunge remaining on the panel.

It said: “It is disappointing that these members no longer wish to be involved in the formal structure, but we are pleased at least one of them has remained in contact with the commissioner in charge of this investigation to give views and advice about community issues.”

The IPCC has been regularly criticised by the Tottenham community for being slow to react in the days after Mr Duggan was killed, and for the amount of time the investigation is taking.