HEALTH experts believe safety nets around a Hornsey bridge would not prevent suicides, according to Haringey Council.

Campaigners and an abseiling firm want to install nets around the Hornsey Lane Bridge after a Hornsey man in his 30s committed suicide from the bridge into Archway Road on Monday afternoon.

Their renewed calls follow an unsuccessful bid for the idea after three people jumped to their deaths from the 60ft bridge in little more than three weeks last November.

But the council said that after seeking advice it thinks the £95,000 scheme would not save lives and would not get permission from English Heritage.

In a statement, it said: “We’ve had to take other measures including increasing the height of fencing and putting spikes in place to deter people climbing onto it.

“Signs have also been put up at either end of the bridge advertising the Samaritans telephone number.

“We will continue to talk with the relevant agencies to see if there is any more we can do. All experts agree that continued publicity which identifies a location as a place to take your own life escalates the risk of that site being used again.”