Market traders say extra support money will not help their business in the long term and are worried about relocating to temporary premises.

It was announced yesterday developer Grainger, which is developing the Wards Corner site, has been given £284,500 from the Mayor of London to help support local traders.

The money will go towards the temporary relocation of traders in the market while the new structure is built.

Luis Fernando Esguarra, who has run a shop in the market for eight years said: “Most of the traders here don’t want to have to move.

“We’re very confused about what is going and we don’t know what the future holds for us.”

“It’s good that we will be getting help but if the rents go up we might not be able to stay here for long when we come back.”

Luis Furado, who runs a shop selling South American films said: “Having to move to a different location will cause major disruption and none of the traders want to go.

“When we move we’re going have to get customers to move with us and we may lose some of them. It think it will be very bad for business.”

Mohsen Khanjary runs a hardware stall in the market which has been in the same location for more than 35 years.

He said: “I don’t think the relocation will work. With having to move there and back again I don’t know if we will be able to survive.

“Also with the rent in the new market will go up and many of the traders won’t be able to stay here because we’re not big shops with a lot of money.

“I think the development will really hurt all the traders here and some will end up closing.”

The money will go towards a fund already collected to help traders during the redevelopment which includes £144,300 relocation assistance sum and three months’ rent free in the temporary market.

Also when the new market is completed they will be provided like for like space market and 30 per cent rent discount for 18 months.

The planned development has been met with strong opposition from the Wards Corner Coalition (WCC).

The WCC announced last month it is mounting a legal challenge against Haringey Council’s decision to pass plans for the redevelopment.