The number of streets in Haringey with “unacceptable” amounts of litter has doubled in the last year according to Haringey’s Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrat party claim that new council figures show that one in eight of the borough’s streets are now litter-strewn.

The party says that the percentage of streets with “unacceptable” litter levels has risen from six per cent in summer 2011, to 13 per cent this spring.

This is significantly higher than the council’s target that no more than eight per cent of roads should have “unacceptable” levels of litter.

Haringey Liberal Democrats argue that this sudden leap in litter levels is caused by the Council's switch to fortnightly waste collections, which has resulted in overflowing bins in many streets. 

To highlight the problem the Lib Dem group leader, Richard Wilson, organised a litter clean up on Monday.

He arranged for volunteers to clean up Wood Green in a move that he hoped would highlight what he sees as the council’s failure to keep streets clean.

Cllr Wilson said: "Haringey Labour's decision to halve bin collections seems to have resulted in a massive surge in street litter from overflowing wheelie bins. 

“It is completely unacceptable that one in eight roads in our borough are now blighted with litter.  Residents should not have to put up with this unhygienic mess.

"Our Labour councillors just don't seem bothered that our streets are dirty and full of litter.

"The Council needs to take urgent action to clean up our streets."

The Haringey Independent is awaiting a comment from Haringey Council.