Homeowners are angry at the resurfacing the pavement outside their houses.

Paving slabs in Mainstone Road, Bounds Green, have been torn up by Haringey Council to be replaced with tarmac.

People in road are upset at the sudden change and say they were given no prior warning to the works and there was no need for it.

Valerie Domleo said: “It’s just devastating to be honest. It’s really spoiling the road and its look. We all feel we have just been disregarded by the council.

“We were given no indication or warning that the work would be taking place and it’s just so frustrating.”

Carole Embling said: “No one on the street was given any notice about the work and we’re angry the council went ahead with it with no consultation of residents.

“This road is used by so many people from Enfield and it's a gateway to borough, but with tarmac it just doesn't look very inviting at all.”

Her husband Nicholas Embling added: “We’re quite upset with the work. There wasn’t anything wrong with the old paving slabs and the new surface will really spoil the street.”

The work on the pavement began on Thursday last week.

Nick Glover, who also lives on the road and uses a mobility scooter, said: “What is disappointing is they never spoke to us about it. With the tarmac it will make things bit more difficult to travel around.”

His wife Pat Glover said: “We are angry the council didn’t tell us about the work and it’s just going to spoil the character of the road. It’s as though they haven’t even considered what the residents would think about it.”

Maidstone Road is one of the oldest in the area and has a number of houses built during the Victorian period.

A council spokeswoman said the paving slabs were being replaced due to damage cause by cars driving on them and tree roots damaging them.

Tarmac was chosen as it was more suitable and sustainable material for this kind of wear and tear and people should have recieved a letter informing them about the works.