A 6- year-old-girl has saved her mum’s life following a severe asthma attack and the emotional 999 call has been made public.

The audio features Cali-Maii Ball telling the operator "I think my mum is having an asthma attack - mummy is really struggling to breathe''.

The young girl woke to find her mum Lauren, 25, desperately gasping for air at their family home in Hornchurch, East London.

She called 999 and instructed the call handler what was happening by providing their exact address and unlocking the door for the paramedics when they arrived.

The London Ambulance Service has commended Cali-Maii for her amazing reaction which allowed them to arrive at the scene in just four minutes.

Paramedics William Grove, Daniella Robinson, Sam Taylor and Laura Canty found Lauren losing consciousness and close to cardiac arrest.

Mum-of-two Lauren said: “Cali saved my life.

''If it wasn’t for her calling 999 so quickly and the paramedics intervening so promptly, this would have been a really different story.

“Cali’s actions were life changing and if our story can help even one more parent get the help they need in a life-threatening situation, I’d be over the moon.

“I’ll never be able to show them all how grateful I am for saving me.”

Lauren remained in the hospital for six days following the incident and is now due to start a new injection treatment to reduce the risk of asthma attack episodes in the future.

Cali-Maii has now been reunited with the London Ambulance Service crews who answered her cry for help.

In an emotional reunion with the family, they handed Cali-Maii an award recognising her heroic efforts.

Parents should teach children how to call 999 in case of emergencies

The Ambulance team has also urged parents to teach their children what to do in an emergency.

London Ambulance Service says that children should be taught their home address, how to call 999 and how to unlock the front door once they have made the call.

Paramedic Sam said: “Cali-Maii is a real hero. A few extra minutes could have cost her mother her life.

“Lauren was very close to going into cardiac arrest and it was Cali’s incredibly quick cry for help that saved her.”