A Labour politician has been forced out of his party for failing to support its policies.

Councillor Alan Stanton, who represents Tottenham Hale, had the Labour Group whip withdrawn during a council meeting last night after he failed to support the appointment of Labour’s favoured candidate for chief executive, Nick Walkley, in October.

Cllr Stanton, a member of the Labour party for more than 40 years, has also been blamed for isolating himself from the party and refusing to attend group meetings.

Cllr Pat Egan, who recommended his removal from the group, said: “Alan has chosen to exclude and isolate himself from the group – this has included not supporting the Labour group position at recent full council meetings.  

“It’s disappointing that Alan did not take up the opportunities to discuss or engage with me or colleagues in the Labour Group about any concerns he may have had.”

Cllr Stanton, a member of the Environment and Housing Scrutiny Panel and Homes for Haringey Board of Directors, did not attend last night's meeting at which he was dismissed, but is aware of his former party's decision.

Cllr Egan added: “The door is certainly not closed for Alan and after two months he can reapply to join the group.

"If he wants to involve himself in the group again, we will sit down together and map out how this could be done.”

He thanked the councillor for his contribution to the Labour party and for his service to the community.

Cllr Stanton had received a written warning for failing to support his party even before he failed to support the appointment of the new chief executive.

It is likely he will remain as an independent councillor for Tottenham Hale, but he will not represent or make decisions with the Labour Party unless he is welcomed back in the New Year.