TOTTENHAM MP David Lammy said Spurs plans to demolish most of the Olympic stadium was a "diabolical waste of public money".

Spurs revealed the plans to rip apart the venue if they successfully bid for the stadium yesterday. Mr Lammy said that it would waste half a billion pounds of taxpayers' money.

Despite its estimated £496 million price tag, the stadium could only stand for one month and the Olympic-standard facilities, including the athletics track, would be lost, if the Spurs plan is approved.

The Labour MP said granting such an application would be a "diabolical waste of public money" and said it was unfair that London council taxpayers would be footing the bill for a venue used only by Spurs and entertainment giant AEG.

Mr Lammy added: "It would be astonishing in these hard pressed times if the Government and Boris Johnson approve a bid that sees over half a billion pounds of public money down the drain after just one month."

He said if Spurs were named the preferred bidder, he would demand a public investigation from the Public Accounts Committee and the National Audit Office.

In a parliamentary debate on Tuesday, Mr Lammy highlighted concerns that if the Government approved the Spurs bid, it would be rob Tottenham of its biggest hope for regeneration in the deprived corner of north London.

Mr Lammy said: "If Spurs is allowed to leave White Hart Lane, this Government's legacy for the constituency with the highest unemployment in London will be to have removed the largest private employer. That cannot be right."

In an interview with the BBC, the stadium architect, David Kierle, defended the decision, stating: "It's not entirely demolition. We will be using some of the undercroft (cellar) but we're not using much."

Spurs are bidding against West Hame United in partnership with Newham Council.

Tottenham Hotspur said they would soften the blow of losing the athletics track by helping to redevelop facilities at Crystal Palace as well as funding sport projects across all the Olympic boroughs.

The Olympic Park Legacy Committee (OLPC) will announce their preferred bidder on Friday, January 28, before going to London Mayor Boris Johnson and the Government for final approval.

Last year, Haringey Council approved a planning application for Spurs to build a new stadium near its current White Hart Lane home and include new homes, new jobs and attract new businesses but it is a pricier option than the move to Stratford which has fans up in arms.